Johnathan Rice is Back with new Solo Album Good Graces

JOHNATHAN Rice’s music has been everywhere, from Grey’s Anatomy to The OC to featuring on the Hangover 2 soundtrack.

Musically, he is a well established man in both the forefront and behind the scenes.

He’s been on and off the music scene since 2005 – the year his solo album Trouble Is Real debuted.

But since that time, the last anyone heard of him was three years ago when his band, Jenny & Johnny – formed with girlfriend Jenny Lewis – released the album I’m Having Fun Now.

Johnathan had been helping Lewis out with her music before taking a couple of months off to just write for himself.

“I had been so busy recording and touring that it was necessary to take a month away from home and write,” he says.

“It was a conscious choice – I had been exploring writing and making records with other people – I really wanted to return to my own sound, which I feel is clearer than ever. It was time for another solo album.”

So no fear Rice fans! He’s back with new album Good Graces.

The new LP features Jenny Lewis, The Watson Twins and Rilo Kiley’s Pierre De Reeder.

A new track from the album has been premiered online. It’s name? Lou Rider. Features? Jenny Lewis and The Watson Twins

Lou Rider is soft, sensual, and one of those songs that could send you to sleep: in basic terms, a lullaby.

Rice says his new music is “healing”.

The inspiration of Lou Rider and the rest of his album was the traumas and feelings occurring in his loved one’s lives.

He says: “Some people really close to me has been going through an exceptionally rough time, therefore I was going through a rough time.”

He admits that there were dark thoughts surrounding the people he loved. However, in his music, he didn’t want to dwell on that aspect of the difficulties. Instead, he wanted to focus on how his music could help the people he loved most, and furthermore, other people too.

Each song is different in Good Graces. Think school dances, juxtaposition of lyric and melody, Beatlemania, groove and a spritz of Hawaiian sway. There you have the album in a nutshell.

Good Graces is out November 25.


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