Stars: How to remove stars from your face yourself.

How to remove stars from your face yourself.

┬áStars; how to remove them? Methods for the treatment of facial spider veins. Plans to remove rosacea with lasers, masks, drugs, and combinations of traditional medicine are considered. Spider veins on the face are ugly formations that represent a point with tiny capillaries extending from it. In their normal state, their thickness is negligible, so … Read more

Whitening nails: How do you whiten yellowing nails?

Whitening nails

Whitening nails; what are the methods? Yellowish nails are not very attractive and can indicate specific health problems. Before looking for ways to bleach nails, it is necessary to discover why this phenomenon was provoked. Every woman strives to have white nail booths with a perfectly smooth glossy surface. To whiten the nail plate, you … Read more

Blackheads: How can I remove blackheads?

How can I remove blackheads

Blackheads, how can I remove them? What are the blackheads on the nose, and the reasons for their appearance? The most effective household remedies are mechanical cleaning, peeling, plaster, and masks. Blackheads on the nose are open comedones, formed by mixing fat with dust particles, keratin-coated epithelial tissue, and make-up remnants. They look unattractive, but … Read more