Masks for lifting the chin: How to make at home?

Masks for lifting the chin; how to make at home? Effective masks for lifting the chin, the best recipes for raising products, benefits, and contraindications for use. It is important to remember that chin tightening, regardless of its composition, will only be effective if applied systematically, at least 2-3 times a week.

Contraindications to the use of double chin masks

Lifting techniques also have nuances that need to be considered when starting a mask treatment. Otherwise, you will not see the natural effect and will only be disappointed with this effective method.

So, let’s list the factors that will neutralize all your efforts from using lifting the chin masks:

  • Age … It is recommended to start stimulating tattoos with external methods after 30 years. Until this time, you can keep the skin on your chin in good shape with special exercises.
  • Too heavy … Even the most effective lifting mask will not deal with fat deposits, so you must get rid of them first.
  • Facelift … In order not to interfere with the result of the plastic correction, forget about lifting procedures within six months of it.
  • Skin lesions or diseases … Lifting masks should not be used if there are wounds on the skin, inflammations, moles, papillomas, warts, blood vessels, and skin diseases in the chin area.

Individual intolerance to the components of the mask … In order not to get an allergy instead of hardening, carefully study its composition for the presence of allergens and test the finished mixture on another area of ​​the skin.

Hoist Lift Recipes

There are many recipes for masks that can tighten the skin in the chin area. We have selected the most effective of them:

  • Creamy banana mask with vitamin E … To tone the skin of the chin, prepare cream (any fat content) – 1 glass, ripe banana – 1 pc., vitamin E – 1 capsule. Whip the cream until thick and set aside a quarter of the volume in a separate bowl. Add mashed banana flesh and vitamin. The duration of the combination is 15 minutes; the wash is warm water.
  • Mask “honey lift” … Measure out 3 tsp. Liquid honey (can also be thickened after melting into a liquid state), 1 tsp. Flour or cosmetics, 2 tsp. Fresh citrus juice. Let’s make a caveat right away that you need to choose citrus and the type of clay according to your skin type. So will dry, moisten and harden blue or white clay with tangerine or orange juice. For normal leather skin, you can use any citrus and green or black cosmetics. For oily and problematic, a combination of lemon and grapefruit juice with green, red, or black clay would be ideal. Such a lifting mask for the chin is prepared: dilute flour (or clay) with a small amount of boiled water, stir it with honey and juice of selected fruits. The exposure time of the mask is 15 minutes, rinse with warm water, and then the cream is applied.
  • Mask “Fruits on honey” … fresh berries and fruits have an excellent lifting effect. To ensure this, beat some strawberries and grapes with pear halves and apples with a blender. Add 1-2 tsp to the mixture—orange juice. Also, prepare liquid honey that is applied to the skin first. Then use the fruit pulp to the honey base. The exposure time of the mask is 30 minutes; the rinse is lukewarm water.
  • Milk gelatin mask … To activate collagen and tighten the skin, you can use a mask with the following composition: 2 tsp. Instant gelatin powder, 2 tbsp. l. milk with any fat content. First, you need to boil the milk, dissolve the gelatin, and cool it. To do this, choose a remarkable place in the house or send the mass to the refrigerator. Therefore, you get an effective gel mask. But at the same time, ensure that the consistency allows you to apply it on your face and chin. The exposure time of the mask is 15 minutes; the washing is warm water + tonic with cleansing properties.
  • Mask “Potato Beauty” … The easiest and most economical way to improve a tattoo is to use potatoes that we know. It turns out that mashed potatoes from this vegetable have excellent taste and nutritional quality. It is capable of transforming us outwardly. To do this, you must take “clean” paste – without salt, spices, and fat. You can cook it in water (for normal to oily skin) or milk (for dry skin). The thickness of the mask should be sufficient to apply a thick, dense layer to the skin. Exposure time – 30 minutes, rinse off – warm water.
  • Mask “Protein-apple lifting” … To tighten the skin in the chin area, you can use a mask based on apple and protein. To do this, grind a medium-sized apple peeled from the skin and mix it with the protein from a chicken egg, then add 1-2 drops of lavender essential oil to the mixture. The exposure time of the mask is 15 minutes; rinse with warm water.
  • “Yeast” lifting mask … You can feel the tightening power of yeast as follows: dilute 1 tbsp. l. yeast powder in a little warm water (or milk for dry skin) and leave the mixture warm until it expands. Then apply to the skin and keep until it hardens. Rinse off – warm water.

Interestingly, tightening single masks and single-ingredient products are no less compelling. You can use fresh berries, cosmetic clay, egg white, paraffin, and oatmeal to do this. You can also use herbal remedies with oak bark and mint.

Preparation procedure for lifting the chin mask hoisting equipment

To make effective DIY chin tightening masks, you may need modern kitchen aids like a mixer, juicer, blender, or food processor. Depending on the recipe’s requirements, you can do without them with a fork, spoon, whisk, or grater.

Prepare in advance all the ingredients, containers, and tools with which you will process them. Immediately we note that preparing the mixture in a ceramic bowl is best, mainly if the composition contains fruits and berries.

Manage your time correctly to get the most out of your beauty treatment. Some masks need to be applied immediately, so nothing should interfere with making the composition, using it, and keeping it on the face at the right time. Others have to “stand,” cool down, etc. – can combine these masks with other household tasks or procedures.

Choose fresh, healthy foods for your masks. And remember that ready-made homemade compositions are disposable products (except gelatin – can store it for a long time), so there is no point in preparing them for future use.

Masks for lifting the chin
Masks for lifting the chin

How to use notch stamping masks

All chin lifting masks can (and are even recommended) be applied not only to this area but also to the entire face, front of the neck, and décolleté. In most cases, the composition is applied to the affected area in thick or several layers.

After spreading the mask, you must take a horizontal position and throw your head back. In this position, the skin in the neck and chin area is stretched as much as possible, increasing the mask’s effect. For the same purpose, you can tie your chin tightly with a napkin or small towel.

The best frequency of such procedures is 1-2 times a week; the exposure time on the skin is from 15 minutes to half an hour. Regular hot water is used as a wash.

It is important to remember that chin lifting masks, like other products, are only used on skin cleansed of dirt and cosmetics. Otherwise, the ingredients of the composition will not be fully absorbed and will even contribute to the clogging of pores.


Homemade lifting masks for double chin can save you from this unpleasant cosmetic defect. But on one condition: they must become a habit. You can increase their effectiveness with toilet techniques, massage, and special exercises.

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