Supercharged summer skin

HAVING returned from a two week holiday in sun-drenched Italy, the first thing that all my family did was catch a cold. So we’ve spent the last week on the sofa watching cartoons and relaxing as there’s not much else to do when it’s raining outside and no one is feeling on top form. This has also meant that my skin is ultra dry and in desperate need of some TLC. I’ve been using Eviternity’s Vitamin C super serum as a base to refresh my tired-out skin. It contains a healthy dose of kakadu plum from Australia which contains the highest natural source of Vitamin C. It also contains hyaluronic acid which we all know is great for making skin appear more youthful. I think I’ve been applying this serum a little too liberally as it has felt sticky sometimes upon application. It smells like burnt, bitter oranges which is actually a scent that I enjoy! After doing some research though, I now realise that the serum is so powerful you only need a couple of drops to be massaged into the skin and this will remove any stickiness from the application process. From trialling Vitamin C serums before, I’ve always found them particularly suited to older skin. My aunty (60+) tried a spa-grade Vitamin C serum a couple of years ago and found it gave her really great results. Now that I’m using this serum properly I’m confident that my skin is going to be looking recharged and refreshed in no time! I’ve been using this as a base to give my skin a post-holiday glow. Then I apply a moisturiser on top, I’ve been alternating between an Emma Hardie cream one and a Clinique gel, and I sometimes give my skin a quick spray with a Sukin toner to finish the process off. Anything to hydrate my tired-out skin! By doing all this, and after going from the scorching summer sun to being under the weather, I’m hoping that my skin can be in full health, even if I’m not! Buy Eviternity’s Vitamin C super serum for £9.99 (usually £20!), here.

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