A new styling dock for hair tools

I HAVE so many hair tools, sprays and stylers that I’m always looking out for new ways to store them. I was excited to try out this styling dock from Minky which looks really smart. It has three heatproof chambers for stylers, two of which have attachments for the plug to a slot into, and the wires to wrap around. I couldn’t fit three stylers in with all the bulky wires and plugs so I’ve used the third chamber for a heat spray and a Tangle Teezer brush. The front is able to house two small clear chambers for hair accessories like bobbles and clips. If you have a spare rail on your bathroom, then there also another plastic attachment which you can use to hang the whole dock. In practice how does this fare? Well, I’m still grappling with the best set up. I love the look of the styling dock, but I’m finding it tricky as my hairdryer is so heavy and bulky, and same with my GHDs, that it’s impractical to have to wind away the wires and replug them every time I use them.. it’s such a faff! Especially if you use them every day. I love the fact that the dock is heatproof – perfect for my GHDs, but it’s easier to just let them cool fully and then put them back in the basket that I’ve been using up till now. The two small clear chambers in the front sounded very appealing but they ping off quite easily and I have to stuff my bobbles in there and they ping off around the room if the chamber falls off. So, now I have a choice as to whether to use it for lighter stylers that I use less frequently or use it for hair sprays and products. I’ve not found the perfect place to hang it either as I tried to hang it from the side of my shoe rack in my room and the bulk of the plugs and wires meant it didn’t sit flush against the side. So it would be better suited to a towel rail in a bathroom. Conclusion? Mixed. If I could get the right set up I feel like this could be awesome and so useful! But so far it’s proved a bit tricky. See the full range from Minky, here.

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