Men’s grooming with MoroccanOil

I’M ALWAYS curious at all the various grooming treatments that my husband has squirrelled away in our bathroom cabinet, and what they do for his hair. 

Texture clay

I can’t say that he has that many products when compared to me… I have a whole beauty cupboard in our living room with about eight plastic boxes of products filed away. However, his collection is growing, and these products from MorrocanOil have become part of his collection. MorrocanOil rose to fame by bringing fame to the benefits of argan oil to the masses. There was a time when every salon in the country has MorrocanOil on each station, I think! Now there is more to the range than just their hero oil. The men’s selection has a Texture Clay which has a much darker and thicker formula than the Molding Cream that is also available in the range. The Texture Clay allows you to really style thick hair with strong hold, which is what my Colombian husband has to keep in check, boasting a healthy head of thick hair. Would say this is for every day use as it has a matte finish, and keeps hair firmly in check.

Molding cream

The Molding Cream offers medium hold, for those days when you want a little bit of style but nothing too overworked. It’s infused with thickening fibers to build texture and definition. I reckon it’s best used on a weekend for when you want a little style, but with minimum effort. Buy the men’s MorrocanOil range, here.

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