Detoxifying with Seaweed

I LOVE a bath. When we were looking to move house, I kept manifesting the image of a roll top bath and when I saw a flat with one, I knew we had to have it immediately. Bath time is such a ritual, and an indulgence, and I love using expensive products in the bath, so I was excited to try this detoxifying seaweed bath from super luxe brand Espa. It comes in a glass bottle which screams luxury to me and promises the following: “A potent and uplifting bath tonic that deeply cleanses, while also helping to tone, clarify and smooth the skin. Rich in minerals and vitamins, stimulating Laminaria Seaweed deeply cleanses while Mandarin and Orange Oils work to nourish and replenish for softer, smoother skin.” When you first sluice the seaweed tonic into the bath (recommended dose two caps and soak in it for twenty minutes), I was slightly dubious about the swirling brown colour that was whirlpooling in the tub. However as you can see from the pic, it soon disperses so that aesthetically it feels pleasing as well. Espa is an amazing brand which I have utmost faith in, but personally I couldn’t feel the massive difference in the condition of my skin before and after using this product. For £30, it’s a lovely product to trial but I probably wouldn’t invest in it again. Buy Detoxifying Seaweed Bath from Espa here.

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