Bleach, bleach, bleach!

YEAHHHH! I totally did it – I bleached my hair white blonde.

Motivated by my imminent return to work, and thanks to the talents of David at Tommy Guns in Shoreditch, I went in with a rather lovely but grown out ‘natural’ blonde look which was look rather lion-esque and came out with a sharp crop in a delectable shade of blonde.

Some girls are really great at the natural look, but personally I love a statement beauty look. I really feel like I look like ‘myself’ when I have bleached hair. My confidence goes through the roof and my enjoyment of all my beauty routines multiplies. I love the ritual of applying a toner at home, followed by a great protective heat spray and whipping my hair back into shape. I really enjoy being able to play with bright blushers, lipsticks and eye colours and using the pale bleached hair as a backdrop.

Initially I wasn’t sure about going 100% bleached as I was a bit worried about the cost of the upkeep. Luckily Tommy Guns was pretty affordable with a cut and colour coming out at about £150 from memory including the toner. A top up every six-eight weeks to do the roots is an investment, but a worthy one for a confidence boost.

Three weeks later and, I admit, the upkeep of the hair is a lot. I use a John Frieda purple shampoo, an intensive conditioning masque, purple toners – one by Scott Cornwall and one by eSalon – to keep the colour in check, a Goodwill heat protective spray and about a billion other products in the mix.

Yes, it went totally mental on holiday and resembled a white triangle but I love my new look.

Would you go bleach blonde?


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