Traditional weddings are out, parties and mini-festivals are in!

TRADITIONAL weddings are out of the window, and throwing a quirky and personalised party to celebrate tying the knot is gaining is in vogue according to new research. 

Usually, I’d ignore facts such as these but seeing as I’m engaged and have no idea how to actually celebrate getting hitched, I’m suddenly really interested in *anything* related to weddings!

According to the results of a new survey by Hancocks Jewellery, a summer wedding is still the most popular, meaning that the official ‘Wedding Season’ is showing no signs of shifting.

However, non-traditional cakes, such as cupcakes and chocolate or sponge cakes rather than fruit cake, are growing in popularity and quirky outfits, as opposed to a traditional meringue dress are also a rising trend.

Cheryl Lumley, editor of All Round Creative Junkie, says that people are breaking free from the traditional expectations of weddings to create something unique.

She said: “Weddings have changed. We want personal touches that show off our personalities: we want vintage tea parties, rustic country settings, to wear Converse with our wedding dresses and to dance in barns with bunting and hay bale seats. We are creating whole weekend events – mini festivals, almost. The traditional wedding rule book has gone and we now do whatever we want.”

This is all good news for someone like me, who has never fancied the traditions of a wedding. Some of the best weddings I have been to have been really relaxed, super individual and a real reflection of the couple’s personalities.

How did you get hitched?

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