Beauty essentials I buy again, and again, and again….

AS a beauty journalist I am privileged to trial a lot of beauty products. Often, I like them but I’m not in awe of them enough to buy them again once they run out. 

However, there are a few products that I would buy again and again and think are just bloody brilliant. Here are some of the beauty heroes that save me over and over again.

Melvita_Milky_Cleansing_Oil_145ml_1370962756.pngMelvita Milky Cleansing Oil The reason why I buy this over and over is that it WORKS. It removes every scrap of make-up and makes your skin feel refreshed and squeaky clean. A decent cleanser is worth it’s weight in gold, and I really, REALLY love this one. Melvita is easily my favourite skincare brand by miles and I recommend it to everyone who asks me about products for their face. Buy it here.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 16.36.38Laura Mercier Silk Creme Photo Ready Edition Foundation Blimey that’s a mouthful of a product name. This isn’t the cheapest of foundations at £35, but it’s abso-bloody-lutely gorgeous. A tiny little bit gives so much coverage. I love it so much! It’s definitely a product that I will re-invest in. Read more about it here & you can buy it here.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation This is an absolute bargain at £10.99 and I can’t count the number of bottles I’ve bought of this. For me, a good foundation is matte, has great coverage with not much product, lasts all day, evens out your skin tone and covers imperfections and is quick to apply. Healthy Mix ticks all these boxes. Even better it smells deliciously of apricots. Buy it here.

Revlon 3D Volume Mascara I was so impressed with this mascara – it’s £10.99 and lasted for ages and ages which I count as very good value for money. It also gave me really fantastically defined lashes, lovely and chunky and long. I think Revlon are a total unsung hero of the beauty world, and aren’t given enough credit for their range. Buy it here.Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 16.49.15

Melvita Youthful Skin Extraordinary Water I’d feel very indulgent buying this for myself, as it’s £22 but I use it as part of my daily skin routine and always makes me feel a million dollars! I use it alongside a serum and moisturiser, so it’s probably a bit excessive, but I do always get compliments on my skin and I always think “Oh, it’s probably thanks to that Extraordinary Water!”. Buy it here. 

Herbal Essences 0% Shine Shampoo and Conditioner I’m always on the hunt for the perfect shampoo and conditioner. In fact, I write a regular column about it on Pillow Mag, but time and time again I come back to Herbal Essences. It could be because it’s pretty easy on the wallet and there’s usually a deal on at the supermarket for buying both shampoo and conditioner… but also I’ve never found an expensive shampoo that I felt warranted spending loads of money on. Kersastase kill it with every single one of their hair products… but my hair is pretty easy-going, so I don’t feel the need to personally invest a load of money into it. I’d rather skimp on the shampoo and conditioner, and spend up on the argan oil. My search for the perfect shampoo and conditioner that will change my mind… continues. Buy Herbal Essences here.

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 17.49.10Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover This is SUCH a game-changer. It’s not often that a product comes along that completely revolutionises a beauty sector (such as nails), but this one totally did for me. No more faffing around taking ages to remove your nail polish – this does it in a few seconds. And it’s just a fiver! Am never, ever without it. It’s perfect to take on holiday. Buy it here.

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