The Martian… Ridley Scott has redeemed himself!

WEDNESDAY – easily my favourite day of the week. This when my friends from my brilliant antenatal class and I meet up to go to the ‘Big Scream’ showing at the local cinema.

One of the things that I thought I would really miss once being a mum was going to the cinema – not realising that my local emporiums East Dulwich Picturehouse and Peckhamplex both have  showings where you can take your baby along. I’ve always had a real bugbear about people talking in the cinema, but in a cinema full of babies screaming their heads off, no one really cares about a bit of chatter.

This week, after a string out art house films centred around death and murder, I was super excited to be able to see The Martian, the latest film directed by Ridley Scott. Alien is my favourite film, I was bitterly disappointed by Prometheus, so I went in with low expectations and high hopes.

I won’t give any spoilers, but it’s safe to say Ridley Scott has redeemed himself with this film. Matt Damon is excellent, the script is witty, and I found myself willing to suspend my disbelief as the story is fantastic. There’s a few silly moments but the whole thing is so enjoyable it doesn’t matter.

Next Wednesday… Macbeth with Michael Fassbender (and baby screams).

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