Spooky! Halloween Nails from Bourjois

WITH Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to NAIL your Halloween beauty (oh I do make myself laugh).

There’s no better place to start than these bad boys from Bourjois.

The French beauty brand’s new 1 Second Nail Enamels come in a range of black and gold combinations which can be used on their own… or for a double dose of ghouly goodness you can layer them up.

The topcoats that I’ve picked out are spookily named Vampire Vanity and Enchanting Potion. Both house golden sparkles within their formula but Vampire Vanity polish gives a more gold leaf effect.

You can even layer the golden lacquers over themselves to create an ultra metallic golden nail, which will pretty much carry you through Halloween, Fireworks Night and right into Christmas!

The black lacquer that stands out for me is called Dangerous Wish. It has golden and holographic sparkles trapped throughout the polish.

They are on sale now for just under £6.

Halloween Nails from Bourjois

Halloween Nails from Bourjois

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