The Review: Barry M Lip Paint in Touch Of Magic

THIS Kermit-coloured Barry M Lip Paint may look like it will make you look like a Muppet – but it actually gives your pout a natural, Miss Piggy-hued flush.

Barry M are known for their line of good quality, purse-friendly bright lipsticks, nail varnishes and more and this product – called Touch of Magic – really does deliver spell-binding results.

If you can’t believe your eyes, we’ve recorded an exclusive ‘how-to’ video to illustrate our point.

The lip paint – the shade of a freshly mown lawn – doesn’t fill in your lips a nice shade of chlorophyll but MAGICALLY enables your natural lip colour.

And it keeps on working long after your first application to really give your pout an amazing flush.

Best of all – it’s only a fiver. BARGAIN. Buy it here.

Watch our video review, below.


Lip Paint - Touch of Magic

Lip Paint – Touch of Magic

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