Almost Famous at the Oh Comely Film Club

PAY homage to the original groupie girl Penny Lane in the cult classic Almost Famous at the Oh Comely Film Club later this month.

The film follows William Millier (Patrick Fugit) in his quest to become a music journalist, and his big break writing for Rolling Stone.

He goes on tour, falls in love with Penny (Kate Hudson) and, despite still being a teenager, gets a glimpse into the rock n’ roll lifestyle.

Pillow’s pals at Oh Comely magazine are screening Almost Famous and a special selection of shorts when they launch their Film Club on September 20th.

The bi-monthly arts & lifestyle title Oh Comely tells people’s stories from across the worlds of art, music and fashion and is published internationally.

Oh Comely Film Club

Thursday 20th September at 6.30pm, The Genesis, Mile End, London, £7 (£5 for Oh Comely subscribers)

Certification: 15+

Almost Famous

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