Cocktails, vintage clothing and marshmallows at Fashion Targets Breast Cancer

HOSTED at the plush Sanderson Hotel in London, Fashion Targets Breast Cancer was an evening filled with giant marshmallows, bespoke designers and vintage clothing for sale.

The small function room in the Sanderson became a treasure trove for the weird, wonderful, vintage and designers, from Spangled’s wicked sunglasses, to vintage gowns, to hand crafted kimonos, there truly was something for everyone!

Many of the designers present were niche, individual and and completely quirky – exactly what we love!

Spangled was a brand that caught our eyes, with dinosaur and elephant-adorned sunglasses and a very small supply of each design, they were the queen of super-cool shades.

Their sunglasses are now available to buy at Urban Outfitters.

The raffle prizes were to die for too! – A Mulberry bag, benefit make up and gig tickets were just a few, and with the money going to the charity it was definitely a worthwhile investment whether you won or not!

Bare Minerals and River Island were among the sponsors and showed off their lip glosses and bracelets, which were super-cute.

And possibly one of the best things of all, HUGE pink hand-made marshmallows were on tap, with the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer logo on one set, forest fruit flavours on another and raspberry on another!

Even the cocktail of the night were breast cancer’s signature pink (and they were really delish too).

So, having spent a fortune and helping towards fight breast cancer, it was definitely a feel good evening all round – and a good and justified spend at that!


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