Top 5 Gadgets For 2014

AS technology continues to develop, we are becoming more and more reliant on gadgets, especially in the home.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the top gadgets we predict will have huge success in 2014.

Apple TV

Although originally released in 2010, Apple TV really took off in 2013, with the growing popularity of subscription TV services like Netflix. Plug this clever device into your TV and not only will you have access to thousands of films and TV programs through the iTunes store, you can also display your photos and games in HD.


If you were one of the many to jump on the PlayStation 4 and XBOX One hype this year, this next gadget is for you. Developed by E3 Designs, the headset has been specifically created for gaming. This clever gadget uses electricity to stimulate your neurons, providing more rapid responses – perfect for getting the upper hand on your online opponents.



Just when you thought you’d seen everything, the iKettle is released. There’s always arguments over whose turn it is to makes the next brew, but this is a thing of the past with this clever Wi-Fi kettle. Using the accompanying app, you can switch the device on from anywhere in your home. It may encourage laziness, but we don’t care!



You may be thinking that a jukebox is far from being a new piece of kit – and rightly so. However, they have been reworked in recent years to keep up with the changes to our music system. This Bluetooth jukebox from Firebox combines the best of both worlds. Seamlessly hooking up to your music device, it boasts a traditional vintage style too. You can even charge your device through the built-in USB port.


Cat scratch

Okay, so this next one is not strictly a gadget, but it will help your pet feel part of the technological revolution. The cat scratch from Red 5 is essentially a scratching mat shaped like a DJ stand. Complete with typical DJ-style stickers, you’ll have hours of fun watching your fabulous feline mixing up a storm.


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