Readers’ Most Cringeworthy Dating Disasters… And How to Avoid It Happening To You

DATING is great. You get to meet new people, have that first flush of romance, and boost your confidence.

And even when your potential partner makes a few clangers, let’s face it, those embarrassing tales are the best kind of stories that you can entertain your mates with later down the pub.

But how do you avoid dating someone who is going to leave you cringing?

When it comes to online dating, having a bit of insight into your beau’s lifestyle is always going to help.

Using TrueView’s easy-to-navigate app for iPhone – or their mobile web page you can make sure you like the same things before you meet up.

It’s simple – you just log your activities as you do on Facebook or Foursquare, and then you build up a profile of what you like getting up to.

Then you can be matched with potential dates who are similar to you.

Beat the dating blues using TrueView

You can easily chat to someone who catches your eyes too – there’s no joining fee so it’s easy to strike up a convo and gauge someone’s banter.

Use TrueView to avoid some of these cringe-worthy first dates happening to you.

Here are our readers worst first date moments.


“The worst first date I had was with Tim, Britain’s biggest cheapskate. After asking to split the bill on a cup of tea costing about 50p he then proceeded to take me to Boots where he freshened up with a can of Lynx before putting it straight back on the shelf. Worrying the second date would probably involve rummaging around bins for dinner I politely declined his offer.” Kiera, 22.



Avoid dating disasters with TrueView

“The two worst first dates I’ve ever had both involved seeing films. When I was younger I had it in my head that it was romantic and edgy to see a foreign film as a first date. However, when I put it into practise, it wasn’t so successful.I went to see Korean film Old Boy with a guy I met in a club. First of all he talked loudly all the way through, which is one of my pet hates. And if you have ever seen Old Boy, you’ll know why it’s not exactly a great date movie. It has themes of incest and at one point a character cuts their tongue out and is made to crawl on all fours and bark like a dog. Way too intense! Another film disaster date was when I wanted to see a horror film, but my date persuaded me to see a movie called Kinsey. It stars Liam Neeson and he’s a pioneer in sexology. There’s so many graphic sex scenes in the movie and even worse – explicit verbal detail of the most intimate acts. Totally cringeworthy. I blamed him for the poor choice and decided we were too different and we never saw each other again.” Sarah, 29.


“I’d been texting a guy I’d met in a bar for about a week. He was training to be a surgeon, he was good looking and funny and it was all going quite well. We went on our first date and it was really fun and I really liked him. When we met the next time we went to this comedy night. I was completely frazzled from the hardest week of work in my life. He ended up taking me to a casino and I don’t really like gambling as it doesn’t really interest me. I was knackered and bored and ended up falling asleep in the casino! He took me home threw me on my bed and then refused to see me again.” Georgie, 26.


Does this scenario look familiar?

Does this scenario look familiar?


“A really fit guy with the most incredible blue eyes caught my eye at a party, and he was a friend of mutual friends so we ended up chatting. We went on a date and it was really fun – he used to be in the army so had the most amazing body. A week later we went on another date, had such a good time until we went back to his house for some more drinks… then he awkwardly suggested “Let’s sit in my room so we don’t have to talk to my housemate.”
He went to get some drinks, but when he came back and started having a go at me for sitting on his bed in my “dirty clothes”. I had only worn these clothes for about two hours on our date so I was really confused and so when he went out thee room again I thought ‘OK, I’m a bit offended, but I’ll just put on his trackie bums and a top instead and maybe he’ll chill out’. Oh no, he went mental. I always felt bad as I think he had OCD, and I did really like him… But alcohol made his issues come out much stronger. A shame as he was really hot too!” Claire, 23

But sometimes — A dating disaster can turn into true romance.

“On a first date the guy I liked came round to my house for drinks. However, prior to him coming around, I had drunk a considerable amount of neat Pimms (don’t ask) and was more than a little drunk. As the night went on, it became more and more clear that I was extremely drunk and he was stone cold sober. The next morning I woke up to an email from him, however I couldn’t actually rememeber what he looked like.

“A few weeks later date number 2 happened, and I still couldn’t remember what he looked like. However, this time the tables were turned – I went round to his house for dinner, except he had the hangover from hell and answered the door in his pyjamas eating cold baked beans from a tin. We spent the evening eating scampi and chips on the sofa – romantic…! Despite all that we’re still together two years later!” Victoria, 23.

*All names have been changed.

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