The Review: Victorinox Swiss Army Fragrance, Victoria

IF you thought that Victorinox already had enough tricks up their sleeves after creating the Swiss Army Knife then you’ll be surprised to know that they also make fragrances… say what?!

Well, it was also news to team Pillow Mag too until we were asked to review their latest scent, Victoria.

It joins a roster of six other perfumes that are available for men and women.


Victoria from Victorinox


Victoria has fresh and fruity top notes of freesia, plum and blackcurrant, mid-tones of Bulgarian Rose, Lily of the Valley and base notes of cedar leaf, sandal wood, myrrh and white musk.

To my nose it smells of a very classic, traditional fragrance and should appeal to a wide range of women.

They have even created a quirky site where you can send a ‘digital’ bouquet of flowers alongside a sample to a pal.

Check it out here. 

The packaging is simple, housed in a pale gold-coloured bottle.

It’s £51 for 100ml. Buy it here.

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