Five Unusual Interior Accessories

WITH spring just around the corner, many of us are looking to inject some fresh personality into our homes.

But while some may just opt for a fresh lick of paint and settle on some new cushions, others are getting highly creative with fascinating and unusual items around their home.

In collaboration with Oak Furniture UK, we bring you five of the best, most eye-catching items that, although we don’t need them, we definitely want in our house!

Hammock Sofa


As winter draws to a close, there is no better time to bring the outdoors in. While we can freshen up our homes with plants and florals, nothing quite welcomes the sunshine into your living room as much as a hammock sofa. Although we have no doubt that they are a tricky one to put up, and may not be best in rented accommodation, they will certainly catch the attention of all your visitors. Imagine swinging away as you watch the telly. Sounds like a dream.

Ping Pong Door


Why aren’t all doors this fun? This convertible door turns into a ping pong table for some fun competition between pals. If you ever bump into each other in the doorway, it’ll be game on. We think every office should have one of these.

See-Through Bathtub


Never again will your bathtub overflow, leaving your bathroom floor a slippery hazard. With this see-through bath you’ll know exactly when to hop into the tub, not to mention it looks pretty awesome as well. Although if someone does walk in on you, there’ll be no hiding in there.

Table Fire Pit


Fireplaces add instant charm and character to any space. However, it can be difficult to find the perfect place to put them. With this effortlessly stylish table fire pit, you can turn your living room into the coolest and most comfortable campfire around. Just pop on the flames and snuggle up with a hot chocolate on cold nights. Bliss.

Vertical Herb Garden


Nothing beats using your own, homegrown produce while you cook. But with spring only just starting, it can take a while before we see our gardens in bloom. This vertical herb garden is the perfect solution. Not only does it bring nature inside, but it is a bold statement in any green-thumbed foodie’s kitchen… even if we can’t work out how you reach the top.

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