The Pillow Guide: Alternative Ways To Exercise and Get Fit

WITH the New Year well underway now, and everyone’s ‘get fit and healthy’ resolutions feeling the strain – it’s time to look at fun ways to tone up. 

You don’t have to resign yourself to sweating it out in the gym everyday, as there are some cool and quirky ways to burn calories.

Dance Dance Party Party, Dalston

Simply turn up to all-female exercise class Dance Dance Party Party in your usual gym gear and dance like no one is watching for the next 60 minutes. Actually – no one IS watching as they are all so intent on having fun themselves and letting go. Their weekly soundtracks are unique and feature fun artists like Missy Elliot and the Beastie Boys right through to Beyonce and Elvis. Their policy of ‘no boys, no booze’ means you can really relax and enjoy yourself. Best of all – it’s only £4. More info here.

Zombies, Run! 

Download this iPhone app to your mobile and watch it transform the way you work out. The narrative pits you against a zombie apocalypse, hearing the living dead creeping ever closer, hungry for your blood and the only thing to do is…. RUN! The ultra-immersive running game and audio adventure was co-created with award-winning novelist Naomi Aldermna. Available on the app store for £2.49, or an eight week training programme for £1.49. We’re getting both! More info here.

Jane Fonda Tribute at Frame, Shoreditch

Rewind the clock and head back to the 80s with this amazing Jane Fonda-style class. The class mixes high-energy aerobics with sculpting exercises to zap calories and tone all over. The instructor is said to rival Jane in both enthusiasm and leotards. Wow. It’ll set you back £12 for an hour. Don’t forget your bubble perm and legwarmers. More info here.

Jane Fonda Workout at Frame Studios, Shoreditch

Jane Fonda Workout at Frame Studios, Shoreditch


Rock-Climbing in Victorian Grandeur at the Castle Climbing Centre

Get a natural high by scaling the dizzy heights of a rock-climbing wall – feeling the burn along the way.

The Castle Climbing Centre can be found inside a formidable Victorian building near Finsbury Park, and has 1,000 square metres of walls and 450 set routes over 95 lines. Never left the ground before? Don’t worry. It’s suitable for both beginners and experts. Even if you don’t make it too far on your first attempt – it’s worth going to check it out for the location alone. Expect to part with £13. More info here.

Bollywood Dance Classes at Pineapple Studios

Get into the Bollywood spirit with these dance classes at world-famous studios Pineapple. These workouts bring the vibrancy, elegance and energy of the Indian culture to London and teaches your how to move your hips and recreate their signature arm movements like a pro. The warm up is to Bhangra music – a traditional high-energy Indian folk dance. It’ll cost you £11. More info here.

Whipsnade Stampede

Whipsnade Zoo Stampede, ZSL

Start training for the Whipsnade Zoo Stampede

Want to take part in a group run but worried you’ll get bored on the way round? Us too. That’s why we’ve signed up for the Whipsnade Zoo Run on June 9th which will see you whizz past some of the world’s most amazing animals and fearsome beasts. Lagging behind a bit? You’ll be spurned on by the amazing scenery. We know it’s still six months away, but there is a lot of Quality Streets to shift before we’re ready to take on this particular challenge. More info here.

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