Hot Trends in Engagement Rings

UNIQUE styles in engagement rings are gaining popularity with trendy brides to be.

Today’s couples have more of a variety when it comes to purchasing that special ring, which makes shopping for the perfect engagement ring just as difficult as finding the ideal LBD. Different stones, unconventional settings, and special cuts are just a few of the options that engaged couples have to choose from. Whether you go for a rock similar to those worn by celebrities or a royal-inspired ring with a meaningful gem, opting for an engagement ring with its own distinctive flair will definitely get you an ‘I do’.

Diamond Ring

There are quite a few of stand-out designs trending in engagement rings at the moment. Though they may run the gamut from outrageous, ostentatious status symbols to twists on classic pieces, modern engagement rings are bold and brazen. Like most trends, celebrities are leading the pack. From a well-known Kardashian whose first engagement ring consisted of a nearly two-carat rock or an actress like Keira Knightley who was presented with a simple, yet elegant solitaire, styles worn by those in the spotlight are becoming a favourite among fasionistas around the globe. Jewellers like 77 Diamonds can easily replicate a celebrity-inspired engagement ring or something you crafted yourselves.

Doubling Up That Halo

For the past few years the halo setting has dominated the engagement ring industry, so it’s no surprise that the double halo setting is a major hit with today’s chic future brides. Because it creates the effect of a larger solitaire, the two-tiered double halo doesn’t break the bank like other rings of its size or caliber. And new trends, including a spin on this setting with a coloured gem outlining one of the halos.

A Colourful Engagement

Engagement rings with coloured stones have been around for ages, but when Kate Middleton donned a ring in sapphire on her left finger, this trend grew, making couples desire to incorporate a significant stone in their rings of choice. Most soon-to-be-married couples who want to veer away from the common white diamond engagement ring usually select a stone of sentimental value; however, if you and your future spouse aren’t bonded by a specific gem, emeralds are a much sought after stone in the engagement ring scene.

Antiquated Rings

For those with a simple taste, rings comprised of a vintage quality are much sought after because of their natural, pure beauty and sophistication. Rings that incorporate family jewels or an important birth stone make the best type of antique-inspiration as they infuse something familiar and sentimental. No matter if your ring of choice is a family heirloom or a prototype, a vintage-influenced design is the absolute symbol of joining two lives together. Although there are numerous ways to go about picking a fabulous old school ring, the same tips used for choosing any sort of proposal ring applies&emdash;be certain it’s what your future spouse would want and that it is a representation of your love, honour, and commitment.

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