Blitz, Hanbury Street’s new vintage superstore opens


PUSH aside the expensive brands of today, it’s time to branch out and pick up something that’s way before your time (quite literally).

Blitz is a haven for vintage-lovers and for people looking for something with character. Dresses, playsuits, midi-skirts, pleated skirts and lace skirts were alongside the pussy bow shirts with patterns ranging from pink checks to black and white stripe (one tie blouse still had the owners name sewn in the neck).


The 9000 square foot old furniture factory is now home to a vast selection of men and women’s vintage pieces ranging from the 20′s-90′s. Imported from America and Europe, the clothes were neatly arranged by type then in colour order making the silk shirts look like a rail of skittles.

A black velvet Vivienne Westwood jacket (£700) weighed down one rail. Her orb of the British Crown Jewels was engraved in the huge buttons and was a piece I could only dream of having hung up in my wardrobe. The pound signs then faded from eyes as I caught a glimpse of the numerous rails bursting with pairs of Levis denim shorts.

The accessories ranged from old Swatch watches and silk scarves scattered around the shop and tied around bags. The bags were conveniently hung on hangers whilst belts were stored in separate trunks like it was a lucky dip at a school fete. The walls were a collage of footwear with shelves of Dr. Martens, Converse, brogues and loafers and the odd 40’s slingback shoe rested on a dresser with clutch bags and sunglasses.


For the men it was brogues and briefcases alongside an array of shirts, tweed and badged army jackets hanging in the dim light.

Bikes, mannequins, furniture, and luggage and other pieces of homewares were scattered across the different floors. There was even a corner designated to artwork from vinyl’s, books and posters spanning a generation with a seating area to browse and take in the history.

The aspect that impressed me most was that there was space, not only in the shop but on the rails. I didn’t feel like I had to struggle to wedge back in the tartan jacket, or worry two other pairs of shoes will fall off the shelf as I pick up my dream pair. It was a shopping experience. There was so much to look at and take in that one visit just isn’t enough. With new stock coming in daily I can guarantee I’ll be visiting again in the next couple of days to rummage all over again!

For more information, click here.
55-59 Hanbury Street E1 5JP
020 7377 0703
Open 11-7 daily


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