Hot Label: Brat & Suzie

I HAVE a slight obsession with animals (there isn’t a wildlife documentary on BBC iPlayer I haven’t seen) and obvs a total addiction to fashion so what could be better than an ultra cute label that combines the best of both?

Brat & SuzieBrat & Suzie are a London-based brand specialising in illustrated t-shirts, dresses and shorts featuring sketches inspired by the natural world. (Although, I’ve never clocked a dog riding a bike or a horse wearing glasses on any of the programmes that I’ve watched.)

Launched by twins Polly & Charlotte Vickery and Louise Boulter in 2009, the trio have created a range that is perfect for a Sunday picnic in the park.

In fact, the annual question, “What the f*** shall I wear to all the summer festivals this year,” has been pretty much replaced by, ‘”What Brat & Suzie piece shall I buy?”

There are different styles to select from, including tie-front tees, sweaters with equine-influenced prints and cropped jersey pieces featuring giant rabbit silhouettes.

 Click here to check out their online store.

Brat & Suzie


Brat & Suzie

Brat & Suzie

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