My Number One Beauty Secret: Skins star Freya Mavor

FREYA Mavor lit up the screen when she took on the role of Mini McGuinness in Skins, and she’s about to make a return to the small screen in The White Queen.  We thought it was time to find out how to recreate the look of the naturally-gorgeous actress. So Freya kindly let us in on what her beauty secret is… and in the glorious sunshine this week it’s pretty appropriate. Freya Mavor

Freya Mavor

  The 19-year old Scottish actress revealed: “My number one beauty secret is to wear sun cream all year long.” She joked: “I don’t know why but apparently it’s good for you… supposedly.” And her favourite beauty product? “My number one product would be a big fat mascara. That’s all you need really.” Some of the original cast members of Skins are reuniting for a final series of the cult programme. Three TV films, Rise, Fire and Pure will air on E4 in July. They will feature Effy (Kaya Scodelario), Cook (Jack O’Connell), Emily (Lily Loveless), Naomi (Kathryn Prescott) and Cassie (Hannah Murray). Freya appeared in the fifth and sixth series of the hard-hitting teen show.  

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