The Review: Dual Fix Foamer by Envy

I HAVE to admit that I didn’t really think that anything was going to get my battered locks into a decent shape.

However, I was willing to try all the tricks and tools of the trade.

Envy’s Dual Fix Foamer promises 12 different repairs to your hair including improving the shine, texture and increasing the volume of your barnet.

So here’s the dealio: you can whack it on your locks and blow dry it … Then wash as usual for an ‘intensive’ treatment. Or use it like a normal conditioner but leave on for 1 minute to soak in for a ‘regular’ treatment.

If you knew the birds neat that I have to tame every morning then you would understand why I went for the intensive option.

Despite my skepticism of anything able to take on my mane, I have to say… It worked! I combed my hair through properly and it remained softer and de-tangled and in a better condition. Impressed!

Dual Fix Foamer (200ml) RRP £19.95

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