The Fitness Challenge with Pillow Mag Editor Angharad Llewellyn: Week 3

THIS was the week I stepped up my training and got a bit more serious. 

I’d survived 10 days travelling through Eastern Europe without putting on a single kilo (now that’s dedication when faced with delicious Slovenian food, cocktails and ice cream) and I was back in my first PT session of the week. And it felt GREAT to have my heart rate raised once again.

Fast forward to Wednesday, and I’m in the gym 30 mins earlier than my session with Jennifer Mbazira from Dulwich Core Fitness to work out, and I’m back in the gym AGAIN that evening running 5km on the treadmill.

Fitness Challenge Week 3

Fitness Challenge Week 3


I’m determined to step up my game and shrink my body, but I have a psychic feeling that when I step on the scales they are not going to be kind to me (I’m coming up to that dreaded ‘time of the month’), so I want to combat that by working out as much as possible.

When I’ve been a gym addict before, the scales have always been my worst enemy. Even when I worked out three times a day and ate like a gerbil, I never seemed to lose actual weight. I may have shrunk but I never shed masses of kilos.

Fitness Challenge Week 3

Fitness Challenge Week 3


True to form when I jump on the scales on Friday morning they  tell me I’ve put on four kilos in the last 48 hours despite all my hard work (and there’s been a LOT of hard work going on).

I know that the weight gain is absolutely ridiculous, and usually this would be the point where my frustration got the better of me.

I ignore the scales, knowing that I can see and feel I haven’t put on any weight.  I put the anomaly on the scales down to hormones (water retention etc) and someone, somewhere testing my faith in my body, and continue to just go to the gym every moment possible.

I feel this is usually the point I’d level out and stop working so hard so I need to step up my game.

I also went out twice during the week and drank lots – but I still made it to the gym despite any hangover. In fact, I neatly avoided a hangover on Wednesday morning by sweating out any booze left in my system.

I do have to admit, I did make a couple of tiny slip ups in my diet – poured whole milk on my Cornflakes instead of skim and forgot to ask for no dressing on a salad I ordered when at dinner in Hoxton Square.

But hey, I avoided chips and a brownie that was free (FREE!) at the event that I was at earlier that eve… I deserve a medal.

To contact Jennifer to book personal training sessions, call her on 07770 696 426 or visit Dulwich Core Fitness.

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