The Review: HD Brows

HD Brows at IBrows etc

PERFECT eyebrows are a bit of an obsession for Pillow Mag Editor Angharad Llewellyn. Here she trials HD Brows – and shows you the results…

Last week I went to test, and get the low-down, on having my eyebrows HD’d after meeting a fantastic technician at an event a couple of months ago and being impressed with her dedication to creating the perfect set.

During the time inbetween my initial consultation and booking in for the actual treatment, I had grown my brows back to a much better proportion to suit my face. I admit I had gone a little ‘pluck happy’ recently and they had become a little thin on the ground.

So with a nice set ready for the technician at iBrows etc in Central London to tend to, I visited the salon mid-week to review the process.

IMG_3324The best aspect of the entire treatment was the care and attention that my technician gave to create a suitable shape. She quizzed me on how I wanted my brows to look, asking about the severity of the arch, and the kind of look I wanted to achieve.

She then tinted them, and then waxed, threaded and plucked them to perfection. As an eyebrow obsessive, I was pleased to see how much time she dedicated to each technique.

She even trimmed some of the longer hairs towards the ‘bushier’ end of my brow – which I totally didn’t expect, but made them look a lot neater.

For me, this is where the treatment could have ended and I’d have been over the moon.

My technician then spent a long, long (long) time pencilling and shading in my brows – and I don’t think I suited the final result.

My personal opinion is that if you spend an hour in a beauty salon, you should walk away feeling a million dollars… whereas I felt like I needed to downgrade my incredibly dark brows to reveal her fantastic work underneath.

HD Brows

HD Brows at iBrows etc


Once I’d scrubbed away all of the shading on top, my eyebrows looked amazing – but as a blonde I just didn’t suit heavily painted on brows.

Now, a week later, in terms of results I have to say I am very happy — my eyebrows are the perfect arch and the perfect shade.

Would you try HD Brows? Let me know in the comments below.

HD Brows at IBrows etc

HD Brows at iBrows etc

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