Stills Released From Death Game, New Film from Ring Director Hideo Nakata

JAPANESE horror film The Ring is one of the finest pieces of cinema EVER with evil female antagonist Sadako Yamamura haunting many nightmares since it was released in 1998.

It proved so popular that Hollywood came sniffing and remade it in 2002 with Naomi Watts in the lead role.

Now the movie’s director, Hideo Nakata, is bringing out a new slice of suspense – Death Game.

It stars Tatsuya Fujiwara – who you may recognise as he played Shuya Nanahara in the brilliant 2000 film Battle Royale.

In Death Game, ten strangers agree to an interview for the same lucrative job offer, they find themselves locked in an underground complex to take part in a psychological experiment for seven days.

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The group soon discovers that the pay is too good to be true when the horrifying specifics of the game are unveiled.

Trust each other, kill, or be killed.

The world watches while the contestants fight for their life in a sick and twisted survival of the fittest.

Death Game is released on DVD in the UK later this year.

Death Game, Hideo Nakata

Death Game, Hideo Nakata

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