The First Shots of Kate Moss, Never Seen Before, to be Exhibited in London

THE moment that made a defining face in the British modeling industry is being commemorated in a new exhibition at the Lawrence Alkin Gallery.

Kate Moss: Roll 1 will feature never-before-seen images of the iconic model, taken on her first photo shoot when she was just 14. Taken by photographer David Ross, they capture the fresh-faced charm and innocence for which she became so admired.


The exhibition will open on 30 October, the eve of the model’s 40th birthday, and marking 25 years since the shots were taken, and will run until 3 November. The photographs of Britain’s former catwalk darling will be a memorable debut exhibition for the gallery in London’s Soho.

Photographer Ross, who has been commissioned by the likes of Vogue, Arena, and Saatchi and Saatchi, said: “This first shoot with Kate Moss is a lovely piece of history, capturing her freshness and innocence with her first experience entering the world of fashion modelling.

“It’s interesting thinking how she was back then, fresh up from Croydon – deep in South London – by herself on the train. I actually sent her home the first time she turned up because she arrived without a chaperone!”


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