Behind-The-Scenes: Terry Richardson and Mila Kunis

CHECK out these behind-the scenes shots, straight from Terry World, of when Richardson snapped ridiculously hot Black Swan actress Mila Kunis.

Mila Kunis and Terry Richardson

 The Hollywood star even messed around posing with T-Bone’s infamous glasses on for one pic.

The dark-haired lady doesn’t exactly need any help looking fine, but under the lens of photographer extroadinare, she looks phenomenal. Oh, and the shoot hasn’t even started.

Terry Richardson And Mila Kunis

The snapper posted these pics on his Twitter. Which if you don’t follow, you definitely should, here.

The final shots were for men’s mag GQ, but these black and white snaps are even more lush in my opinion.

Mila Kunis and Terry Richardson

Mila Kunis and Terry Richardson

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