Affordable Cocktail Rings, Perfect for Spring/Summer

MARILYN Monroe said “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” The 007 film of 1971 was called Diamonds are Forever. Both of these statements are true. Every woman will always love a bit of sparkle in their life.

April is the month of diamonds. Spring has already – supposedly – sprung and Summer is on its way. It is time to shed all the dark clothes. Why not add a bit of sparkle to your new bright wardrobe with The Diamond Store.

The Diamond Store

The Diamond Store


It is the UK’s biggest online diamond store full of stunning jewels for you to drool over and wish for – or buy – to your heart’s content.

After seven years, The Diamond Store – a collaboration of experts – was a finalist at the 2010 UK Jewellery Awards and has over 25,000 very happy customers.

Their mission statement is “luxury with confidence”, meaning the highest standard of jewellery for any budget.

This statement undoubtedly refers to The Diamond Store’s latest collection. It features a range of sparkling cocktail rings every colour of the rainbow. A stunning piece like one of these cocktail rings would be the fabulous accessory to pack in your suitcase for this summer’s trip abroad.

These exquisite rings are only a fraction of the high street price, starting at just £200 per piece.

Take some advice from the fabulous Joan Rivers who said: “I don’t exercise. If God wanted me to bend over, he would have put diamonds on the floor.”

For more information and a look at all of the other collections The Diamond Store has to offer, head to

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