The Many Faces of David Bowie exhibition opens at The Opera Gallery

IF you’re a regular reader of Pillow Mag, you may have realised something: we are more than a little bit obsessed with David Bowie.

And we have another little tasty treat for you – The Many Faces of David Bowie exhibition has opened at The Opera Gallery.

This year has been huge for Bowie, with the release of his first album for 10 years and the launch of the infamous David Bowie is exhibition at the V&A (you can read Pillow’s review HERE), we’re practically bursting with Bowie mania.

The Many Faces of David Bowie is the latest exhibition to reflect on the life of the rock legend.

The exhibition showcases an amazing collection of contemporary reactions to Bowie mania. Cue fabulous, vibrant, flashing installations aplenty.

Bowie is nothing if not extravagant; a true artist. And the exhibition certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Our favourite pieces included Joe Black’s work Experimental’ – Ziggy Stardust’s face made entirely of upturned test tubes filled with paint. As well as creating an amazing pixelated effect, the test tubes reference how Bowie himself is the King of experimentation.

many faces of david bowie

Joe Black’s ‘Experimental’ at The Many Faces of David Bowie

Another Pillow fave is Hisham Echafki’s Anthropomorphic Bowie. This time Ziggy is made up entirely of intricately detailed animals: so much so that the painting seems to be constantly churning and moving.

Of course, a final mention has to go to graffiti artist Jimmy C’s 3D Bowie Portrait – putting on 3D glasses has never been so much fun.

Above all, the exhibition just goes to show how David Bowie is an endless source of inspiration. Bowie inspired fashion and music, but he also inspired minds decades into the future.

The Many Faces Of David Bowie is open until 31 August at the Opera Gallery London.

Find out more at

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the many faces of david bowie

d*face’s ‘Zombie Ziggy’ at The Many Faces of David Bowie

the many faces of david bowie 2

The Many Faces of David Bowie

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