Editor’s Letter: A Good Manicure Can Make All The Difference

I’VE always felt like the mark of someone who is a ‘grown up’ is a good set of well-groomed nails.

Hi Shine Gel Nails

Hi Shine Gel Nails

Never mind the traditional bench-marks of buying a house, finding a partner or starting a family – a great lacquer applied perfectly is the true mark of an ‘adult’.

It’s a shame then that I have a nervous habit of nibbling on my nails as soon as I get stressed.

At the moment I have a perfect set, however, as over the last seven days I have had not one but TWO manicures.

I still need to quench my damaged cuticles with Vitamin E oil though, to reduce the redness around my nail beds. Ouch!

Last week I was invited to take a look around the new collections from Nails Inc who have an amazing range of different finishes that are hitting the market soon, see picture below right.

Watch out for leather, denim, feather, concrete and glitter effects. It seems that while the price of rent and cost of living is rising above anyone’s expectations, spending on small luxuries is something that can fit into anyone’s budget.

Nails Inc L-R leather, glitter, pink glitter and feather effects

Experimenting with Nails Inc L-R leather, glitter, pink glitter and feather effects

This week I had a gel manicure by Hi Shine Nails, above right. I’ve never had this done before and I’ll be interested to see how long the results last (should be between two and three weeks).

The gel is set by a UV light which has to be applied for 30 seconds at each stage: the base coast, two layers of colour and top coat. The whole process takes about 20 minutes and is much improved by a glass of chilled prosecco.

Small additions to your beauty routine can make a huge difference in how you present yourself and as a knock-on effect, give you a huge confidence boost.

What are your beauty tricks that guarantee that you will feel good, no matter what?

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