Jewellery Designer Lisa E Moss Creates Collection inspired by boxer Natasha Jonas

2012 has been an incredible year for British women. At the heart of this is Natasha Jonas: the first ever female boxer to be selected the Olympics, and Lisa E Moss’ model and muse for her new collection.

Lisa cites the femme fatale as her inspiration for her latest range dubbed Laughing Assassin.

A ‘femme fatale’, taking the Oxford Engish Dictionary’s definition is “an attractive and seductive woman, especially one who will ultimately cause distress to a man who becomes involved with her.”

Judging by her past clientele, who include Anne Hathaway, Fearne Cotton and Jacquetta Wheeler, the strong, sexy, yet slightly subversive female seems to be Lisa’s speciality.

Lisa E Moss

Lisa E Moss modelled by Natasha Jonas

This tension between allure and danger is perfectly expressed through Moss’ designs. Tough, knuckle-duster rings are made feminine with deep red jewels.

Ear cuffs may have a hard exterior, but are given an almost feline softness with fine, draped chains.

Laughing Assassin, a title taken from Jonas’ nickname (she is smiley but deadly…) strikes the perfect balance between wearability and individuality. An amazing attention to detail is Lisa’s trademark: if you are something of a magpie, this is the collection for you…

The collection is available now from London Twenty8Twelve stores.

Natasha Jonas for Lisa E Moss

Natasha Jonas for Lisa E Moss

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