Lucy Q Designs Grown Up Friendship Jewellery

DO you remember that time in your life when you and your best friend had friendship necklaces and/or bracelets from the local accessories store? It was the greatest gift you could receive from your best friend.

Now you’re older, add a bit of class to your best friend’s next gift and opt for Lucy Q’s new Joining Jigsaw Collection, which is launching this month.

It is a collection of grown-up friendship rings, bracelets and necklaces made from sterling silver.

Lucy Q

Lucy Q


It’s perfect for wearing and sharing where two stylish halves make one iconic whole.

The two halves – of whichever piece you choose – are perfectly cut to fit together.

This is quality jewellery with a quirky difference. Lucy Q aka Lucy Quartermaine is a young, English contemporary designer and Silversmith.

Lucy Q

Lucy Q


Lucy Q was also a finalist for Designer of the Year at the 2013 UK Jewellery Awards illustrating her designs are funky, intricate and one of a kind.

Lucy Q Design’s are available from over 120 stockists across the UK, as well as her website. Lucy also ships her pieces internationally.

Prices for this collection range from £85 to £295.

Lucy Q

Lucy Q


Other Lucy Q designs include crisps, dips, flowers, insects, moon, splats and more. Lucy Q is a designer with a passion for the individual extraordinary.

For more information, visit Lucy Q’s website at


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