EXCLUSIVE: Made In Chelsea’s Cheska: I’ll Always Be There For Binky

MADE In Chelsea fans have watched Binky Felstead spend more time with newcomer Lucy Watson, rather than best pal Cheska Hull – leading to a few tears from the blonde bombshell. 

But don’t worry, this isn’t the end of their friendship as Cheska has reassured us that even though she has admitted that she doesn’t like Lucy, she’ll never fall out with Binky. Aww!

Cheska, 26, told Pillow Magazine: ”I’m there for life, no matter what.

“Binky and I have been through ups and downs over the years and even if she does something wrong, or says she doesn’t want to speak to me, I’ll always be there no matter what. I love her dearly.”

What an amazing pal Cheska really is. Can we have her for our best friend?

So far during the previous four series of Made In Chelsea, she and Binky have proved the light relief from all the drama along with their other pal Ollie Locke.

Cheska explained: “I guess it’s just really hard in life, sometimes people drift apart, it’s just a natural progression, Binky and I have been friends since we were very young, but obviously I am a lot older than her.”

“I’ve always looked after her and I think she’s got to the age now (23) where she’s going off and doing her own thing.

“It’s difficult to accept as I love her so much and I miss her but that doesn’t mean it will always be the way it is right now. You never know.”

Cheska Hull and Binky Felstead

Cheska Hull and Binky Felstead


Binky has been spending increasing amounts of time with self-confessed “player” Lucy, who so far hasn’t made many friends with her cold attitude.

She even uttered the imortal words “Why is everyone getting up in my grill” in the poshest of posh accents.

But Binky is insistent that once you get to know Lucy, she’s a lot of fun and is merely misunderstood.

Cheska, who has openly admitted she doesn’t like Lucy, said: “Lucy’s more friendly with guys than girls, she doesn’t really get on with girls and Binky is very the same, she’s a tomboy. I think that’s their connection.

“Lucy’s not very warming as a person and that’s how I find it difficult to get on with her. I’ve never been able to build a relationship with her because she’s quite cold.”

Lucy Watson and Binky Felstead

Lucy Watson and Binky Felstead


In the latest series of E4′s Made In Chelsea, viewers have seen Spencer admitting to cheating on now ex-girlfriend Louise Thompson with a mystery lady.

He has said that he’s playing up to a negative character for the sake of the show, but he’s also dumped Louise on national telly and told her it’s “hard” to respect her when she let him cheat on her.

Basically, he has come across like a massive wanker – what does Cheska think?

“I would agree with that, yes!” she told us.

“He is, just as he says, visiting his dark side and I think he’s got swept up in it all and it’s all got a bit tricky for him.

Spencer Matthews

Spencer Matthews


“I’ve known Spencer since I was about 16 and he’s always personally been lovely to me. As a friend he’s a lovely guy. He’s just really bad at being a boyfriend. Really bad.”

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