As Sweet As A Cupcake


HOW did you enjoy your seven days of National Cupcake Week? Fear not if you weren’t aware – cupcakes are still flourishing, despite whoopie pies and cake pops edging onto the dessert scene.

The new breed of couture cupcake is more of an iced muffin – a proper, handful-sized confection, topped with frosting – not icing, but a much thicker, creamier, soft topping – and available in every flavour imaginable.

The Hummingbird Bakery is a pioneer in this field. With four stores dotted throughout London from Old Brompton Road to Frying Pan Alley, the geniuses behind the chain bring a thoroughly American flavour to the capital.

As well as pies, cakes and brownies, special edition cupcakes are lovingly made throughout the year – from vanilla and red velvet, to the less conventional (but no less delicious) cotton candy, watermelon, cola, rhubarb and custard…

And, as they say, the icing on the cake is this – the Hummingbird Bakery deliver UK wide and also take orders for cakes, and their easy to follow recipe books mean that you can enjoy cola, chocolate or cherry cupcakes any time you feel like it.

Whether you’re not a natural baker, or you’re a seasoned chef in need of some new ideas – try a cupcake master class! offers a whole timetable of day courses.

With guest teachers from Australia, America and more, inspiration is readily available. Plus, special classes in vintage cupcakes, wedding baking, and even running your own cupcake classes are available to book all year round, for beginner, intermediate and advanced cupcake makers. If you’re not yet a cupcake connoisseur, now’s your chance!


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