The Fitness Challenge With Pillow Mag Editor Angharad Llewellyn: Week 1

IT’S 9am, Monday morning. I’m running on the treadmill and suddenly have to stop. I feel like I’m going it be sick. I’m dizzy, breathless and jump off the treadmill and hit the deck.

It’s not a great start to my new fitness regime – and I’m baffled as to why I feel so unfit. It’s only been a month since I completed a 10k ‘Stampede’ around Whipsnade Zoo… my time was 1 hr 17 minutes and I’m determined to beat this when I do a second 10k run around London Zoo in September.

Ok, so I admit, since the first Zoo Stampede I haven’t so much as cast a glance at my trainers, but when I agreed to train with Jennifer Mbazira at Dulwich Core Fitness, I didn’t expect to be having dizzy spells.

Fitness Challenge Week 1

Fitness Challenge Week 1, session 1


My first session with Jennifer was tough, more so in the face that I knew what she was asking me to do wasn’t that hard, I just wasn’t fit enough to do it. The ultimate frustration.

During our hour long session I was stepping up into a bench (hello toned arse), doing lunges along the gym (great for sexy legs), training with weights (skinny arms here I come) and doing sit-ups (perfect for a toned tummy).

Hold on, I say doing sit ups but I couldn’t even do 10. It’s been a year since I did kickboxing training once a week where I did circuit training as part of the class. “Next time we’ll do 20,” Jennifer says. And I agree.

Despite having been running regular for the part 10 weeks, my fitness levels are is still pitiful.

Jennifer has been training for personal training for 20 years and I’m reaping the benefit of her experience.

Instructing me to keep a food diary, and eat small meals of high protein, low-fat I leave the gym exhausted.

My next session is at 7am on a Thursday morning. I meet Jennifer at the Fitness First gym. It’s a platinum type gym and I like it there.

In between sessions I’ve been swimming each day.

Waking up at 5.40am, I’m incredibly nervous. What happens if i repeat the performance of last time? i’m determined to do well though and leap onto the treadmill to do a 10 minute warm-up.

Once I’m warm, Jennifer has me stepping onto a larger bench, adding weights, working my triceps, squats, using kettle bells, and doing sit-ups with a weighted ball. It’s so much fun and although I’m feeling the burn, I feel like I’m doing well.

Fitness Challenge Week 2

Fitness Challenge Week 1, session 2


This session is amazing, and I’m fully energised and focused.

Jennifer suits my style of training. She doesn’t yell at me, but she is clear in that I have to perform well. She is encouraging and I feel pleased when I get through one of the exercises.

The scales are looking positive too.

After our session I tell her I feel amazing and we arrange to meet again on Monday at 9am again.

To contact Jennifer to book personal training sessions, call her on 07770 696 426 or visit Dulwich Core Fitness.


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