Pillow Style File: Halloween Is This Weekend!!! Sort Your Outfit Out… Now!

IT’S only a few days until the best dressed-up day of the year – Halloween.

And if you are anything like us here at Pillow Mag, you haven’t got your outfit sorted as you’ve been too busy having other fun. Uh-oh! Cue panic come Saturday night. So here are a few ideas of what you can dress up as this weekend to take the pain away from the last-minute planning.


If you are  a follower of Pillow on Twitter, then you might have noticed that we have endlessly been sending messages of love about new show The Fades – a supernatural series (which is ridiculously funny) airing on BBC3 right now.

The series follows two pals from school who exchange witty banter about girls, geeky films and errr… the living dead. The eponymous Fades are peeps who have bitten the dust, but are stuck on Earth as they haven’t ‘ascended’.

The Fades Halloween

To get this look you need to invest in some zombied-out contact lenses, don’t wash your hair for a week, roll around in some dirt and drink a bit of (fake) blood. OK, not the easiest look to pull off, but definitely will get some attention getting on the tube looking like a flesh-eater.


OK, so this look might be a little TOO scary but could be a good one for the boys. Grab some gel and slick your hair down. Wash your face in something that you are allergic to, so that is puffs up and looks a little too smooth for your age.

Shane Warne Halloween

Go to West London and grab some sencond hand clothes from the charity shops there (think polo shirt, flared jeans and pointy shoes) and perfect a plastic smile to finish off your look. Et Voila – a bonafide madeover Aussie cricketer. Now all you need is a Hurley on your arm and you’re sorted.


The scariest film (and my favourite) of all time has to be Japanese The Ring trilogy (Ringu in Japanese). I can’t exactly tell you the storyline (even though I’ve seen it about ten times) as I’ve always had to hide my face when watching it as I’m always too bloody frightened to see what’s going on.

Sadako Halloween

Therefore according to IMDB, ”A young journalist must investigate a mysterious videotape which seems to cause the death of anyone in a week of viewing it.” Turns out evil Sadako, above, comes out of the TV and causes you to die of fright.

Sadako Halloween

Hotfoot it down to your local vintage store, snap up a long-sleeved white dress, whack on a long black wig backwards and walk like all your bones are broken in your body. Bedraggled hair and ‘dead girl’ make-up will really help this look on its way. Ideally, if you are crawling out of a TV, your outfit all that more authentic. This is a guaranteed scary outfit.


If you really want to scare the shit out of everyone, rock up to your chosen Halloween party as this character from Pan’s Labyrinth. It won’t cost much as you will need to ditch your clothes in favour of a week-long soak in the bath so your skin goes nice and wrinkly. Sounds scary already.

Pan's Labyrinth

Also, you need to shave your head so you can save some dosh on haircuts for the next few weeks. Draw some eyes on your hands and grow your nails into big long claws (goodbye manicures, hello bank account!) Finally, you’ll need to cover your eyes up… good luck with that one.

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