Work those Cheekbones! Contouring Blushers that Give You Great Structure

AFTER appearing on camera a few times recently, it came to be clear to me – Pillow Mag’s Editor Angharad Llewellyn – that a good blusher could propel you from looking flat on screen to fabulously fierce.

These days I won’t go anywhere near a lens without having a clever layer of contoured colour on my cheekbones.

The idea of contouring is using a darker shade to hollow out your cheekbones, while using a highlighter on the plumper parts of your cheeks to reflect the light and create definition.

A good blusher brush is essential for this – don’t try and use anything that came free with purchase. Invest in a GREAT blusher brush and you will never regret it. Trust me.

Here are a few of the most amazing blushers that can create the illusion of having the best bone structure in the business.

[Show as slideshow]Sleep MakeUp Blush by 3 in Lace and Face Form in Light (£10 each) Benefit Fine One One (£23.50) Benefit Hoola (£23.50) Nars The Multiple in Portofino and Copacabana (£30 each) Paul & Joe Cheek Colour £18.50


Sleek Make-up have a range of kits that are PERFECT for contouring your face. Their Blush by 3 in Lace has three complimentary shades for you to use to create definition in your face. Remember this isn’t about slathering on the warpaint, but creating subtle tones on your face to flatter your features. Visit the Sleek MakeUp website here.

Benefit’s Fine One One blusher is a cream formula that comes in a flattened stick, and sports three ice-cream shades. They can all be used at one for all over colour, or if you are a little more clever with your application this can be used to really create some scorching cheekbones. Visit the Benefit website here.

For a hint of subtle definition, try Hoola by Benefit. Now, this is a bronzer so remember less is more! A subtle sweep is all you need. Visit the Benefit website here.

Contour kits for cheeks

Contour kits for cheeks

Twin up two tubes of The Multiple from Nars for the perfect combo for cheeks. These are a cream formula and can be used anywhere – cheeks, eyelids, lips, body… wherever you fancy. Slick on the Portofino just under your cheekbones and blend in using the warmth of your fingers before using Copacabana above this colour to really create strong definition. Visit the Nars website here.

These blushers from Paul & Joe are gorgeous! The powder blush is silky soft and smooths onto skin like a dream. They are subtle too, so you should be able to build up the perfect blend with ease. Use the main colour to hollow out your cheeks, and then use the slim highlighter shade to create a contrast. Visit the Paul & Joe website here.

Daniel Sandler has two amazing contouring kits. His sculpt and slim kit… Well, I’m sure you can guess – makes your face appear more slender with cut glass cheekbones. Once again, make sure you apply this with a high quality brush and go for the subtle approach – always check your work in natural light to make sure you haven’t gone OTT. The Radiant Sheen kit has four colours for you to play with – three neutrals and a pink. This will help you build depth and definition and give you a gorgeous glow. Visit the Daniel Sandler site here.

Daniel Sandler

Daniel Sandler

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