Double Cleansing by Maleka Dattu, Merumaya

Maleka Dattu, Merumaya

Maleka Dattu, Merumaya

WE all know the benefits of a daily cleansing routine, but are you truly getting the best out of your skin-care routine in the evening?

Most of us know to remove make-up before going to bed – but what about actually cleaning the skin once your foundation, mascara and eyeliner have been removed?

To get the best results from your cleanse at night, firstly remove all traces of cosmetics – and then give your skin a second cleanse to ensure that you are really performing a deep clean.

Maleka Dattu from Merumaya says that “good, gentle cleansing is the cornerstone to healthy-looking skin” and she should know after working for leading beauty brands such as Clinique and Origins before creating her own range of integrated skin care.

Here, Maleka tells Pillow Magazine about the benefits of a double cleanse.

“The need for double cleansing is only at night if you have been wearing face make-up.

“The first cleanse will remove most of your make-up and the second will clean the skin underneath as well as the remains of make-up.

“The benefits of  the double cleanse are evident if you have ever found make-up on the cotton wool pad/toner or if you have seen make-up streaks on your towel when cleansing skin.

“I recommend using Daily Cleansing Cloths (£12.50) with Melting Cleansing Balm (£14.5) not just for the mild exfoliation but also because with a cloth we tend to go right up to the hairline and under the jaw, without ruining our blowdry.

“Good, gentle cleansing is the cornerstone to healthy-looking skin. After a facial the skin looks so good at least in part because of the thorough cleanse it has had.

“In the morning a quick single cleanse is enough.”

Maleka Dattu, Merumaya

Daily Cleansing Cloths, Melting Cleansing Balm and Maleka Dattu from Merumaya


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