The Lost Lectures

WORD of mouth is going further underground with the help of The Lost Lectures.

Hot on the heels of hush-hush shows like Secret Cinema, The Lost Lectures are a unique new series of events where incredible speakers give enchanting talks from secret locations.

They are taking lectures out of boring establishments and into imaginative, secret spaces, in front of friends, fans and inquisitive minds… a totally new format for presenting, featuring thinkers, doers and innovators.

Speakers come from the worlds of science, art, tech, music, entertainment, design, business, environment and many others, there are six speakers per evening, with 12 minutes on stage.

They promise the talks range from “The sublime to the ridiculous.”

Lost At Sea is taking place on August 29 and 30, including adventurers, marine biologists and photographers.

At present, the location remains a closely guarded secret but they have revealed that it will be in London, within zone 2 and the seats will be INFLATABLE. Intrigued yet?

They advise to bring cash as the bars and food stalls won’t accept cards.

Tickets are £19 and available from The Lost Lectures


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