The Fitness Challenge with Pillow Mag Editor Angharad Llewellyn: Week 2

AFTER another 5.45 wake up call, I make my way to my second PT appointment of the week.

On the way I realise I can think about this two ways – with fear of the impending exertion of energy, or with excitement at building up a sweat, working hard, pushing my body, achieving my goals.

I truly believe it’s a positive mental attitude that will get you through (most things in life including) your next session and keep you on the path to success.

Monday’s session with Jennifer Mbazira from Dulwich Core Fitness had been good and after weighing myself I saw I’d lost another kilo from my frame.

I’d been hampered by a sore hamstring – but still managed to leg it up and down a flight of stairs ten times and another five, carrying a heavy sandbag on my back.

Fitness Challenge: Week 2

Fitness Challenge: Week 2


Push ups are still defeating me, as are the dreaded sit ups, but I feel that the more I build my strength, the stronger I will become.

In between PT sessions I’ve been swimming, gone to a yoga class, and tackled the rowing machine at my local gym (discovering a game on there where you have to catch fish and it passed the minutes much faster).

Now I’m about to start Wednesday’s PT session. And i’m told we’re working my legs. Hard.

This manifests in multiples of squats with a heavy weighted bar across my back. You have to give it to Jennifer – without her I’d managed to avoid doing a single squat for a year… Now here I am doing them on repeat with a bloody great weight across my shoulders.

Fitness Challenge: Week 2

Fitness Challenge: Week 2


It’s hard work but weirdly, its very rewarding. I feel like I’m achieving something.

Jennifer is very good at encouraging me, and not making me feel like giving up. When I look like faltering when we’re working my triceps with a weighted disc she tells me “feel the burn and do it anyway”. I focus and am determined to get through the reps.

It reminds me of a previous kickboxing teacher who used to drill it into to us that it’s when you feel like you can’t go on, but push your body – that’s when you lose weight and tone up. Not when you are fresh and find the exercises easy.

I face another challenge next week – I’m away overseas and so won’t be able to hit the gym.

Stay tuned to Pillow Mag to find out how I get on while let loose abroad.

To contact Jennifer to book personal training sessions, call her on 07770 696 426 or visit Dulwich Core Fitness.

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