Nuxe Paris Autumn Winter 2013: Why French Women Look Younger

NUXE Paris’ latest skincare offerings promise to roll back the years

It’s no secret that French women age beautifully. It was recently revealed that our over-the-Channel sisters spend more than double than us Brits on beauty products each year.

Cult French beauty brand Nuxe Paris may just have the answer to our skincare woes with their latest collection of beautiful products.

Nuxe is reassuringly scientific, with products based on natural plant elements.

Here at Pillow, we know that the proof is definitely in the testing, so we put three of their hottest items on trial…

Creme Fraiche de Beaute Daily Moisturiser

Nuxe’s lead products are their moisturisers, which promise to help turn back the clock (or, it you’re in your twenties, at least slow down its ticking).

It has the texture of being light yet also extremely nourishing. With a great natural fragrance, it soaked in easily and left our skin feeling fresh.

The Verdict? It’s quite heavy for younger skins, and could bring blemishes if your skin is prone to greasiness. But, it’s great for the thirties age range.


Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Use Dry Oil

Nuxe’s stand out product has to be their dry oils. This season, Huile Prodigieuse comes with added golden shimmer particles – just imagine how hot that would look on the beach.

Quite simply, it’s the perfect dry oil. Nourishing and just the right amount of oiliness, it sorted out our dry elbows in no time at all.

The Verdict? Love it.

Take a look and shop online here:

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