Video: Short Film Hertz Shot on Panasonic Lumix, Produced by Rankin

HERTZ, a new short film shot entirely on the new Panasonic Lumix GH3, is a bit like a sinister version of The Cube but without the presence of silver fox Philip Schofield. 

The five-minute movie stars Toby Kebbell (Black Mirror, Rock N Rolla) in a role with practically no dialogue and was produced by super-snapper Rankin in association with Rankin Film Productions and Hunger TV.




In the film, Toby’s unnamed character is seen entering a darkly-lit room and sitting down in front of a table with four red buttons.



As one lights up, he presses it by instinct and continues to follow their pattern.

A gang of men watch his every move through a one-way mirror, provoking questions as to what exactly is going on here.

When his character makes a mistake he receives an electric shock, throwing him off his chair.

With no escape, his only option is to continue playing the game.

His frustration is clear, but his final incentive comes from a stash of money which is placed through the wall.

Watch the short film, below.


Directed by Vicky Lawton this is the first in a series of 3 GH3-Minute Movies, designed to show off the GH3′s full capabilities as a professional film camera.

It’s the successor to the ever popular DMC-GH2.

Rankin is best known for starting Dazed & Confused with Jefferson Hack, before starting his own magazine The Hunger and producing incredible short films via Rankin Film Productions and Hunger TV.

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