Long lasting colour: velvet to matte lipstick

I’VE been trialling a few different formulas of lipsticks over the last few weeks, and  Bourjois has once again come up with the goods.  Velvet Rouge goes on in a deep shiny sheen like a satin velvet, feeling rich and luxurious on the lips, and then dries to soft matte finish which leaves you with ultimate staying power. I’m so impressed! The colour pay off is really deep and saturated,  I layered it up a few times while in the Velvet stage. I paired it with undressed eyebrows, dark liquid liner and a slick of mascara for a chic Halloween look. Compared with other, more prestigious brands, this one still comes out top of the league for me. I love the way that it glides on, but dries down to ensure that you don’t have to reapply it every hour or so. That’s what I personally want from a lippy. Nothing worse than having to leg it into a meeting with what looks like old lip liner and some bleed marks across your pout.

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