Getting holiday-ready with Milk Beauty

THERE’S a lot of prep to do before a holiday, beauty-wise, none of which is made easier when you have a small baby to take care of. 

img_7968.jpgBefore my trip to France I got my hair cut and bleached, plucked my brows to somewhat near perfection, exfoliated and moisturised my skin each day, filed and scrubbed my feet and painted my toes and fingernails and booked an appointment with MILK Beauty to come visit me at home and perform one of their new ‘London’ bikini waxes.

Popping my son in his playpen for half an hour, Jo – my beautician – set up her table in my small living room amongst all the baby junk and was super accommodating to the fact that my child started losing it half way through the treatment and I had to keep bribing him with rice cakes.

So – the treatment itself. The London is a new style of bikini shape, following hot on the heels of the Brazillian and the Hollywood. Think a Brazillian but a bit more triangular.

Oil is applied to skin before any wax is applied, ensuring it sticks to the hair only and doesn’t pull at the skin.

img_7966-1.jpgIt’s a warm wax that is applied straight to the skin and then peeled away at the edge (this but hurts a bit on longer hair) and then ripped off quickly which – miraculously – is actually a lot less painful than a wax using strips. Trust me when I say this, as I was totally cynical to any waxing treatment that they say is less painful but it really was!

As a faithful customer of EXM hair and Beauty and their sister salon 171, this treatment from MILK Beauty  is only £35, which compared to my usual £18 + travel fare to North or East London (from East Dulwich) is pretty favourable. Plus, you don’t have to leave the house  which eliminates the 1.5/2 hours travel  getting across the capital. It’s pretty ideal for busy mums and the ever-cliched time poor woman who still wants to look her best.

Find out more information on MILK Beauty here.

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