Brits Reckon they are the Best In Bed… the World Disagrees

BOASTFUL Brits have voted themselves as the best nationality to slip under the sheets with.

According to HostelBookers’s first ever Sex and Travel survey, our native neighbours aren’t shy about their skills when it comes to nookie… but the rest of the world disagrees.

Non-Brits voted the French has the best lovers, with Australians and Spanish taking second and third place. Home-grown talent didn’t quite make the grade – positioning (ahem) at No6. 

When it came to the sexiest nationalities… guess what, the Brits voted themselves No1 again.

But when it came to the non-British voters, Italians took the top spot, closely followed by the French and Spanish.

For a full list of survey results please visit HostelBookers.

Sexiest Nationalities(according to Brits)Sexiest Nationalities(according to non-Brits)1 British1 Italian2 Italian2 Spanish3 French3 French4 Spanish4 Australian5 Australian5 BritishBest Lovers(according to Brits)Best Lovers(according to non-Brits)1 British1 French2 French2 Australian3 Australian3 Spanish4 American4 American5 Italian5 Italian  


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