Editor’s Letter: Would You Want To Know The Future?

Angharad Llewellyn, Editor

Angharad Llewellyn, Editor

IT’s the start of a new year, and a great time to start looking forward to the next 12 months with a fresh and positive outlook. 

While things may never stay the same; change and upheaval – whilst stressful – can offer up valuable life lessons and make you a better person.

In the past I have visited a few psychics in an attempt to find out the future, all who have predicted the path that lies ahead for me.

My favourite fortune teller was one called Psychic Elizabeth – a lady who was ridiculously expensive, you had to wait months for an appointment and came with a formidable reputation.

So, my friend and I spent money that we couldn’t afford or justify and waited patiently for ten weeks for to see her.

Our appointments were back to back and we were like children waiting for Christmas.

I was up first, and I have to admit that Psychic Elizabeth didn’t unravel the secret to eternal happiness but she was spookily accurate in some respects. She got the name of my mother correct, nailed the fact that I was a journalist and despite wearing head to toe neutrals, she correctly guessed my wardrobe was actually full of bright red clothing – an obsession of mine at the time.

She said that I was interested in beauty and would some day be working with cameras – all of which I do now.

I made notes of all her predictions, and sometimes go back and look at all the things she told me.

The cracks only began to show when my friend and I began to compare notes…

“She said do the names Dorothy, David and Anne mean anything to me….” I told her excitedly.

It turned out she’d asked the exact same to my best pal.

Would you want to know your future? And have you ever visited a psychic?

Until next time,

Angharad X

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