EXCLUSIVE: Pillow Talks To Hollyoaks’ Holly Weston

MEET Holly Weston, the new Hollyoaks star that is joining the cast tonight. The blonde actress plays Ash Kane, a rebellious party girl who has had a hangover or two in her time.

C4 says: “You’ll never find her spending a quiet night infront of the telly – well, unless it involves lots of alcohol, heavy metal and ill-advised flashing of body parts.”

We say: “It sounds definitely sounds like our student days… if we could remember them.”

Here we get to know seasoned actress Holly a little bit better with a few quick-fire questions.

Hollyoaks Pillow Magazine

Holly (L), polo neck worn underneath H&M; Jumper MONKI; Necklace TATTY DEVINE; Tamaryn (R), scarf MONKI; Coat MONKI

Most lusted-after holiday destination?

“I really like Greece. Anyway in the Mediterranean really. I really like Italy but I haven’t been for ages. I love the food. That’s it, that’s a big factor in where I go on holiday.”

Any current Hollyoak star you would like Ash to hook up with?

“I’m really enjoying Ash being really independent and not being tied down. I like that there seems to be a lot of little romances going on and I really like that she doesn’t go in for all that, she’s just out to have a laugh and be round her friends.”

Hollyoaks Pillow Magazine

Coat H&M; Leggings H&M; Socks STYLIST’S OWN; Shoes OFFICE


What’s it like working with the new cast?

“Oh brilliant, it’s so cool that we’re all going in together because we’re all new at the same time and they are all so funny and we have such a laugh, they are such great guys and we all get on really well. It’s brilliant. We have such fun on set.”

Fail-safe movie choice?

“Pan’s Labyrinth.”

Hollyoaks Pillow Magazine


What designer would you rock on the red carpet?

“I really like Missoni. I always love their stuff.”

Have you ever danced on a bar?

“Yes! Loads of times. I’m sure I have.”

Ever thrown a drink over someone?

“No. Have I? No. Not that I can remember anyway!”

Pin-up movie star

“James Franco. I love him.”

Hollyoaks Pillow Magazine


Hollyoaks airs weeknights on Channel 4 at 6.30pm

STYLING: Rachel Caulfield

PHOTOGRAPHY: Mark Shearwood

HAIR & MAKE-UP: Cassie Steward at PHA Agency using Illamasqua and Fudge Haircare.


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